30 May Friendship

The word friend can mean different things to different people. We have friends on Facebook, friends from school, friends and family, close friends, best friends and sadly, some have no friends!

The dictionary defines friend as a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection:
a person who is not an enemy or opponent; an ally: a contact on a social networking website: (All of a sudden you’ve got 50 friends online who need to stay connected!)

Old English frēond, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch vriend and German Freund, from an Indo-European root meaning ‘to love’.

Proverbs 20:6 says, Many will say they are loyal friends but who can find one who is truly reliable? The good news is, there is One who is true, reliable, faithful and loving and He is our Father God. The bible definition of friend is Covenant Partner. That means, that partner would lay down his life for you, protect, provide and be there for you every day, in every way. That’s the mettle of friend I want and I’m sure its what you want too.

When you look at the true meaning of the word friend, we see that we call people friends who may be acquaintances or we know them through work or social but we really don’t know them!

Throughout my life I have found that we only have a few true friends and for them we should be thankful. But if you are one of those who don’t have a friend, or have been let down by friends, don’t stop showing yourself friendly. Learn to trust again and ask God to give you new friendships. He will give you people for your life and he will fill the gap of loneliness in your life. Show yourself friendly and you will attract people to you. Be kind, encouraging and open. Don’t be a complainer but rather bring good news and make sure you are a half full glass person and not a half empty glass person! It’s the same glass but different perspectives!

We need sincere friends that can speak into our life, we need friends that we can share with and go to for help. We need our spouse to be a friend and our church to be our friends. But most importantly, we need to be a friend of God. He is our covenant partner and the One who sticks with us regardless.

Life is so daily and its too short to be lived on our own. Start today by thanking God for His friendship and for the friends you have and for the new ones yet to come.



My husband and friend of fifty three years.

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