Crossing Over

21 Jul Crossing Over

None of us like it when we face difficult times but the fact is, we all face them. We can either choose to get through having a positive outlook, or think the worst and lie awake worrying while we bemoan our lot. I am not discounting that some people have to live through what sometimes can be painful and tumultuous times, but in every trial and test, we gain experience and strength, which we could never have if we never faced adversity in whatever form it comes to us. To those who have health challenges, start taking God’s medicine by thinking on and speaking out scriptures that promise healing. If you are in lack, think on and speak out scriptures that promise provision. To those who are fearful, anxious and distressed, God is our peace, hope and refuge, run to Him. Speak His word over your home, children, marriage and all your relationships. declare household salvation for your unsaved family and friends and take every opportunity to share and demonstrate God’s goodness.
Don’t run away or give up when you go through tough times. KEEP GOING AND FOCUS ON THE OTHER SIDE. CROSSOVER! You do that by walking on the word of God, having a thankful heart and trusting God to direct you as you listen for His still, small voice within you.
If you only knew what God has for you on the other side, you would take a run and a jump and run towards it. It was a great day when Joshua led God’s children over the Jordan river. He crossed over into the land God had promised to His people. God has promised you a life that would be abundant, fruitful and productive and its up to you to possess it. He didn’t say there wouldn’t be challenges and difficulties, but He did say he would be with us and that if we trust in Him we will overcome.

Our Bridge is God’s Word so we can crossover.

Choose today to crossover and to possess His peace, healing, provision, wisdom and everything else that is ours in Christ Jesus.

Psalm 31:7
In mercy You have seen my troubles and you have cared for me, even during the crisis in my soul I will be radiant with joy.

Life is so daily as are the situations we face but we can crossover and be radiant with joy.
Share this blog with someone you know is going through a difficult time. It could help them to crossover and enter into a new day and a new fresh start.

I look forward to hearing your story about your crossover and how God’s mercy and grace sustained you.


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